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Niwa is committed to providing a comfortable, informative, and entertaining environment in which to enjoy our growing hobby with fellow enthusiasts, beginners and experts. Our Niwa Community Forum is an extension of that vision. We invite everyone to read, post, and enjoy the board. Please conduct yourself in an appropriate manner by following the rules, guidelines and policies below. We reserve the right to remove members and their posts who are not meeting our standards. These terms may be changed at any time. Last updated March 4th, 2018.

Keep your info up-to-date 

  • Keep your name, country, city, profile picture and e-mail up to date.


Clear Thread Titles – Create clear threat titles 

  • Clear: How to grow strawberries in 20 days
  • Unclear: 20day strawberries?
  • Clear: Optimizing the lighting schedule for cherry tomatoes
  • Unclear: Lights for tomatoes

Respect others and remember kids can be reading your posts! 

  • No slander, bashing, flaming, name calling or harassment of any kind.
  • No racial/religious slurs.
  • No obscene, harmful, threatening, abusive, unlawful or defamatory language/posts.
  • No violent material, profane language, pornography, adult, sexual or mature material.
  • No trolling. 
  • No swearing, this is a family friendly forum.
  • No Asking for Money or Donations 
  • No Soliciting money 
  • No Spamming (Spammers will be blocked and their IP will be disallowed from this forum).

Medicinal Herbal Medicines – Only posted in the Medicinal Herbal Section 

  • All plants, roots, and herbs that are controlled by the government in any country must be posted and discussed in the category of Medicinal herbal medicine only. This includes marijuana and others plants that are considered drugs. This section of the forum will be strictly limited to growing using the Niwa Units, and will not include things like drug recipes, application of medicinal herbs and usage. 

Obvious Stuff not to do 

  • Do not Hijack Threads.
  • No Cross/Double posting.
  • No posting copyrighted material, like screenshots of recipes or section of books. 
  • No Advertisements or promoting of 3rd party websites in your posts. 
  • No Posting False information.

Typing Posts 

  • Avoid using ALL Capitalized Text in thread, it is considered shouting and is rude. 
  • Before posting, please USE the search feature to check to see whether a thread on your topic has already been posted. Multiple threads on the same topic will be deleted, closed or merged.

Classified Ads belong only in the Classified section 

  • We do not guarantee or endorse anything sold in our classified section, be careful certain items may invalid your product warranty.  
  • For a list of authorized seeds and grow material see the Niwa Website.

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