Which smartphone platforms do you support?

The Niwa app is available for download on iPhone and Android app stores. 

Why do you use a hydroponic system?

Hydroponics is a growing technique that ’s been around for several years and uses a clean, natural, inert substrate instead of soil. Plants in hydroponic systems grow quicker because they have nutrients and water available to them all the time. They use less water than traditional systems and don’t need disinfection practices, that can be costly and have a harmful effect on the environment.

Hydroponics is more efficient than other growing methods, particularly in models that recirculate water and nutrients like our Niwa systems. Our system needs less water (~60% less than systems using soil) and provides a high amount of nutrients; avoiding water contamination. When irrigation and specific climate parameters are well controlled, plant growth is easier and faster.

What kind of hydroponic substrate does Niwa use?

Niwa has tested well with Rockwool, but you can use other substrates such as; clay pebbles, coconut chips or perlite

What can I grow?

You can grow just about anything that will fit inside the Niwa One (no trees though—we’ve already tried!). This includes vegetables, several kinds of fruits and various herbs. At this moment, we suggest trying out tomatoes, peas, and peppers!

How big is the device?

The Niwa One Standard and Premium specs are 37" (93.5 cm), 11" (28.5 cm), 19" (49 cm). The Niwa One Mini is 27" (68 cm), 11" (28.5 cm), 19" (49 cm).

The Niwa Mini, Standard and Premium weigh 12, 13.4 and 14.5 kg respectively. 

How much produce will Niwa deliver?

Our standard and premium models can grow 3 to 5 tomatoes a week, 2 to 3 peppers and one salad when functioning at its peak. Please keep in mind the number of vegetables a living plant can grow will vary and likely decrease as the plant matures.

How does it work?

Niwa is a fully automated hydroponic system that uses sensors and actuators to simulate optimal environmental conditions. To start growing, just tell your app what kind of plant you’ve selected. A program specific to that plant will load, initiating a lighting and irrigation sequence and the right conditions for the type of plant and its stage of growth.

As it grows, the app will ask for feedback, for example, “can you see any leaves?”. The software will then adjust its settings based on this feedback to provide a better environment for your plant to thrive.

How do I assemble Niwa?

Assembling the Niwa is easy and quick, and will take you only about 5 minutes. Open your Niwa box, and find that most of the elements are already in place. Then download the app! You can watch an assembly video by our very own COO here.

What about ongoing maintenance?

Although our system is automated, you are caring for real plants, so minimal maintenance is involved. Depending on the plant, you will have to refill the water reservoir every one to two weeks, remove dead leaves, clean the reservoir and add nutrients on a regular basis. Not to worry though—the Niwa app will guide you on exactly what to do and when.

What about power consumption?

Niwa has a 15w LED lamp and an 80W heating element. For lower energy consumption, place the Niwa close to a sunny window: the smart lighting and heating system will activate only when needed.

The MAX consumption is around 100w (if the heating element and the lamp are ON at the same time) while the average per hour should be 12 - 25w/h (this depends on the plant’s needs and the context where Niwa is placed).

What if something goes wrong?

We’re here to help anytime. Whatever the problem is, whether your plant isn’t growing well or you’re experiencing issues with the hardware or software, we’ll make sure that your Niwa experience is effortless and flawless. Connect to the Niwa Support Community here

What about shipping?

Shipping costs will be added to your final price at checkout. Also, for those countries that it applies to, taxes associated with shipping will be added to your shipping cost. For any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@getniwa.com.