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I removed my previous attempts and started a while back with only a paprika plant in the middle of Niwa.  This is clay pebbles with stones on top after the plant is grown above ground. if you use clay pebbles I found that some weight on top of the pebbles help the plants to stand. and that helps when fruit forms.  

Look at that small paprika :)

Wow! That is amazing! Do you mind if I post this? Did the clay pebbles clog any part of the Niwa?




Took 2 paprika from my niwa plant two weeks ago. Nice red color. And I got some new seeds :)

Do you mind if I post this?
You can repost it if you like

Did the clay pebbles clog any part of the Niwa?
No clogs . I added from the start a inlay in the drain with smaler holes to get the smaller pebbels to not go through the drain. Would not change the design. better to just add a inlay. more flexible system that way.

Hello Thor, we would love for you to post those! Where would you be posting them? Can you share a photo of the inlay?


The root are getting stronger. even got one paprika hanging low now.

Awesome! Please do send photos when you have more!

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