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3 weeks with salad, tomato and mini qucombers

This is my grow results in just 3 weeks in :)

Nutrients used: Plagron a+b

Growmaterial:   Clay pebbles (Atami Hydro Rokz 8-16mm)

I didn't use the rockwool that came with the machine. I went instead with claypebbels.  Pebbels where washed in water first. Washing them good is very important step to not destroy the waterpump. Then laid it in the bottom of Niwa just under the heater element. then used vermiculite (PLANT!T® brand in my case) as a top thin layer.

Showing in the picture should be salad, tomato and mini qucombers. 


Added felts with adhesive back under the feet so I can easily turn it on the floor. As the niwa is right beside my sofa. I have it the wrong way to have the fan blow the other way. since the watertray only operates the one way. I have to turn in around to take it out. but most of the time I just fill water inn from the back of the tray. I have done a complete clean of the water tray one time. turn off power and tray out. then wash the tray.


And I replaced the fan with a silent 80mm NOCTUA fan:

Looks like cucumber are loosing(1 of the 2 cucumber-plants seems dead. The plant that is left still looks good). Paprika is growing strong(from almost nothing a few weeks back) and the tomato have given me 4 small fruits already. My mistake from the first was that I seeded too much in the space. I think perhaps 1-2 plants of the sorts I tried would fit better. The tomato could easy take all the place. Tomato really trives in the Niwa!


Just a note. running general vegtables program. seems like cucumber needs more water.I'm running first step manually sometimes to fix it.

Hello Thor - that is great to see such growth. Do you have a camera at home in which you can take a photo? Or perhaps an iPhone 7 or newer?

Hey! Please note, since you are using clay pebbles most probably you will need  to water yourself, Niwa is designed for rockwool, one of the best features is the capacity to retain water, this way the plant have access to water + nutrients almost always. The good news are that the Niwa have a built in water reserve at the bottom of the growing bed, again designed for the rockwool who would absorb the water by capillarity but it can work with clay if the roots are long enough. Also watch your roots to avoid them getting into the water reservoir!


suppose to say mini cucumbers.. but cant edit posts when they are first posted...

Hello Thor - your grow is looking really good right now and thanks for the tip about the felt. I am going to add that as a suggestion for the new user guide. You can also put a rubber mat to avoid damage to your floor if that is a concern. Is their a reason you went with clay pebbles? Was that a personal preference?

The only concern you have with clay pebbles is that you need to clean them good. because they are dirty right out the bag. other than that I think the pebbles looks good in this setup. no problem yet. and I havent seen any spescial grow of mold and that sort of things.  I went with pebbles because I wanted something else than rockwool with it's finer particles that can be shaken off out in the air.  

Hey Thor, I think you should remove the dead (or close to dead) cucumber. Also once the tomato plant reaches the top, cut the top of the plant so it start growing wider instead of taller.

Rubber mat: yeah. I did think of having something under for water protection. but I think it will be fine without. it's not that messy with the water. Ikea do sell some transparent floor protection that could be used. better go for something that has a smooth surface so that the felt under the feet make the unit move freely on the floor.


So here it is! all is looking good. I had to remove the salad.  There was just not room for everything.

so from the left you got Cucumber, paprika, tomato

the tomato have several fruits already. Some of the tomatoes are most likely ready to harvest soon.

I'm impressed over how good the tomato grows in there! It does probably hinder some of the growth of the two other plants. but they also look pretty good. was interesting to see the cucumber grab around the plantsticks I put in there.

Love my Niwa. would absolutely want another one. If got a good deal again I would probably jump at it. I'm was a Niwa super early bird :)

Hello Thor, you're doing so well and love to hear how those tomatoes taste! Your first harvested fruit is always super special. Right now, we're offering 25% off for the holidays so if you want another Niwa Standard we can get one to you with a discount. Please message if you're interested. 

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