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Tilting tomatoes

Hi! My tomato plants are coming along pretty good now, but I've got a couple of questions. First- they are all fairly slanted toward the light. I know that this makes sense naturally, but I worry about their stability as they grow top-heavy. Do I need to plan on supporting them soon? Second- there are about 10 tomato plants in this little box. Do I need to thin them out? When and how should I do that? Can I safely take the extras out of the rockwool and plant them in soil? Third- my vermiculite has a bit of fuzz growing on it, and has for a couple weeks. Should I do anything about this mold? Thanks, Amanda

@ Amanda - Thank you for picture and how exciting to see them grow! We suggest to support your plants with a small supporting stake. You can put a twisty tie from the stem to the stake for support as they grow. See below a link that can help you. Moreover, 10 plants is a lot for the Niwa box. We suggest transplanting them when they become large enough when light isn't accessing all your plants properly. Please send us a photo in about 10 days to see what's happening. Lastly, can you please send us a close up of the vermiculite to make sure nothing bad is happening. 

Helpful Link >>> (

Thanks for all your help! You say that I should transplant them when they all can't get access to the light...but how would I go about doing that? I just tried to scoop around one of the little ones in the middle, succeeding in digging an unsightly hole in the rockwool and breaking almost all of the tomato plant's roots. I have a feeling I'm just going to have to choose the ones in the best spots to keep and simply cut all the others off at the base. If there's any other option I'd love to know!
Ya I am curious about this as well I have a giant cherry tomato forest, since almost all my seeds germinated. I am unsure how to go about removing anything and am still pre flower stage. Also when should you start staking at which stage?

@ Amanda - If you're going to damage the rockwool then cutting some of the plants base would be a better option. As they get bigger the space will become limited. In our experience, no more than 3-4 full grown tomato plants would fit in the Niwa system. How many of your seeds germinated?

@ Alon - I found information from this site to be insightful ( One area of this article is for smaller plants. "Not all tomato plants need staking. Determinate tomatoes stop growing at a certain height -- usually when they're fairly short. They stop growing because the main stem forms a flower bud at the top that produces fruit. Most of the determinate varieties are early types, and they're bushy plants with short, stout stems that support them pretty well." 

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