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Last weekend, I planted tomatoes, peppers & cilantro - I see progress with tomatoes and cilantro with budding saplings within a week.  Question: - If we have to plant other stuff - do we need to get a new piece of rock wool or plant in the same  that was provided to us?  

@ Rekha - thank you for writing us. You can use the same rockwool for over a year so you're fine to continue using the one we provided. Please post photos of what you're growing on our Facebook and/or forum! Together we can inspire others to grow. 

The provided rockwool looks pretty nasty after this grow cycle. Please verify reuse is possible. Is there a specific procedure to follow?

@ Bill - we understand it does not look great but you can reuse the rockwool. If you purchase a new rockwool, we suggest adding a little bit of copper to the water (you can get it in your gardening store) they are little stones that you can put in the reservoir. Another homemade option would be adding some drops of peroxide to the water reservoir. These tricks can allow for your rockwool to stay cleaner.

When we need to replace it, where exactly do we buy replacement Rockwool in the size to be used in the NIWA? 

I can only seem to find huge quantities to use for insulation, or very small cubes for use in tiny grow trays.

Both which are extremely cost prohibitive.

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I am curious about this as well.

Hello Bill & Cory, the Rockwool as I have explained in the past, are custom to the Niwa system. At the moment, we do not have any replacements in stock and getting smaller Rockwool cubes (As Corey mentioned) is the best option. The brand Grodan has a lot of options like the link below. I will check to see if I can get some extra units and then I will email you two. 

I will need a replacement rockwool to continue. Any luck on replacements?

Hello Matt, we do not have any more Rockwool to sell for the Niwa One Standard. You can get 6 in x 6 in Rockwool cubes at your local gardening store. Let us know if you have any further issues.

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